Near the end of 2012

As we approach the end of 2012, yes I’m off again interstate. This time putting the DeckHardware van on the ferry to Tasmania.

But first; yesterday was the start of the 68th annual Rolex Sydney Hobart race. For the sixth consecutive year, I was the Race Officer on the southern line. Due to the nature of the start in Sydney Harbour, the line has for many years been split in two. The larger boats on the front and the smaller and PHS fleet on the second. As a result I end up with boats such as the 80′ Brindabella and the three Volvo 60s, down to boats such as the Sydney 38s and 36s. A wide variety.

The day started off with dropping Melissa off at Tania Park overlooking the harbour at Balgowlah. The Sailing Chix [] had received council permission to broadcast the start live on Northern Beaches Radio from this prime viewing spot. They had lined themselves up with a full five hours of on air time and interviews with all the leading contenders. I returned at 0900 to collect Mel as she was also to help me out on the startboat. Unfortunately due to the internet going down, many will have missed the last couple of hours. They have assured me that the repeat will go online shortly for those wanting to catchup with all the gossip.

Back out on the harbour and after calling two boats over the line last year and broadcasting for the leading 30minutes that I wanted a clean start, it was fantastic to see the fleet get away under reaching headsails and spinnakers in the 18-20knot southeaster. Unfortunately there was one boat OCS on the front line and there has been plenty of media coverage about it, so I won’t go in to the nuts and bolts as it didn’t concern my team. Our team did a great job on the water and all enjoyed the chance to get up close, those who were there for the first time especially excited. Photos have been placed on the DeckHardware page on Facebook.

With a day in the office to pack the DeckHardware van, I’m off in the morning driving to Melbourne to make tomorrow nights ferry to Devonport. There’s a fair bit on down south in the next couple of weeks. The International Cadets have their World Championships, the Laser Class have the Nationals, the Australian Youth Championships are on and the Farr40 class have a regatta organised. Not to mention the finish of the Hobart race!

As I’m not officiating for a change, I hope to keep everyone up to date with all the happennings, watch this space.

About Phil Yeomans
Phil grew up sailing on Pittwater (north of Sydney) racing in many classes over the years including Manly Juniors, Lasers, 5.5’s, 505’s, several trailer Yachts, E22’s, 1/2 and 1 Tonners, A10m, Sydney 38’s and more. Phil is well known for his knowledge of boats, having built several classes and has a freaky ability to recognise boats and designs. Phil is a National Race Official and Equipment Auditor (Yachting Australia).

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