Keepit Kool 2022

Last weekend saw the 53rd running of the Keepit Kool Regatta some 6hrs drive North West  of Sydney. I’ve been to Lake Keepit on multiple occasions now, taking the DeckHardware van full of product to  help keep the sailors on the water. There were several different changes this year however. First up was the sheer volume of water in the dam. Having been there when there was literally nothing to seeing it today at capacity was just fantastic. Following months of rain on the east coast of Australia, all the dams are full, if not draining some out. This has been greatly appreciated by all out west with everything now shades of green rather than shades of brown.

Saturday morning
Just some of the variety of competitors

The other big surprise for the nearly 100 entries was the first two days of sailing in wind. Usually a light air event, Saturday and Sunday saw great 8-10knot fresh water sailing conditions.  Monday however saw a  typical Keepit Kool shutdown with nothing at all, hardly a ripple. By that stage there was enough racing for a series.

Lots of boats and lots of water

Keepit however is not just about sailing. Whilst it’s fantastic to catch up with those from around the state again on the water, it’s the off water action that brings many back. From the  lake side camping to the Yabby races on Saturday night and the trivia on Sunday evening there’s plenty  of socializing to do ashore. I caught up with a range of sailors, from OKs to Lasers to Trailer Yachts and multihulls. Then there are those who I even went to school with, 50 years ago! Sailing is a small world.

After dinner sports

If you have a small cartopper dinghy, or single hander or even a trailer yacht then Keepit is a must, especially when there’s water. The country hospitality was as before welcoming, the small club team doing a marvellous job and this year had some on water assistance from one of the Lake Macquarie clubs. Hopefully I’ll be back next year.

Photo from 2018. This year you would have been 15-20m underwater. Even some of those cars would have been swimming.

About Phil Yeomans
Phil grew up sailing on Pittwater (north of Sydney) racing in many classes over the years including Manly Juniors, Lasers, 5.5’s, 505’s, several trailer Yachts, E22’s, 1/2 and 1 Tonners, A10m, Sydney 38’s and more. Phil is well known for his knowledge of boats, having built several classes and has a freaky ability to recognise boats and designs. Phil is a National Race Official and Equipment Auditor (Yachting Australia).

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  1. Tim Corben says:

    Thanks Phil for this article. It really compliments the atmosphere of this regatta and there were many new faces sailing as well as the regulars. We look forward to catching up again next year. Tim Corben LKSC

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