Half a drive

I spent a few days last week down in Adelaide. Melissa had driven down the previous week to do some umpiring at Goolwa, about an hour south east of Adelaide. Her first drive to South Australia, a full two day trip and unfortunately she had a bit of rain and overcast conditions on the the way, so didn’t really have the chance to check anything out en-route. The rain that she had left water on the side of the highway and green paddocks which I’m sure the farmers would have appreciated. It was still there for me in many places, one spot just west of Wagga Wagga would have seen it over the road.

Mel met me at Adelaide Airport on Sunday morning and I took her for a drive around town for her first trip to SA, so she could get an idea of the surrounds, before returning to the airport for her to fly home.

I spent a few days in Adelaide doing the rounds, seeing a few customers, both old and new. Always good to catch up with the old and putting a face to the name for the new. It’s always interesting meeting new customers for the first time and talking sailing in general. Sometimes it’s funny, the links – “do you know?”. Plenty of stories from both sides.

The last stop for me was down in Goolwa, which necessitated a different route back to the highway. Thinking as I went “right, now I know where I am..”.

In the coming weeks we have a couple of events on that will keep everyone awake watching our Aussie sailors compete in Rio2016. We certainly wish all of them the best, stay safe and sail fast. After that I know I’m off to Perth for a few days, by then our season will have been in full swing. The 2016-2017 season already upon us? Where’s the year gone?

Here’s a few pics from the trip.

2011-06-24 11.39.38

Hay Plain looking back