Champions practice

  I started the weekend off helping the Tranfusion team practice their starts before heading to the USA  to  defend their Farr40 World Title.

Then as one of the MHYC volunteer start team, running the club Saturday pointscore race. The breeze on Saturday was a pleasant South Easter and it was good to have a race around the harbour after many weeks of windward return style races.

On Sunday I was one of many volunteers out helping run the 2012 Etchell World titles. As a National Race Official it was great to work alongside many other NROs and International officials.

Sunday was the practice day, so we had a couple of practice starts before finally getting the fleet away under a Black Flag [if you are over the line in the minute prior to the start you are disqualified]. With the line split in two we control the starboard half, in this case it was all clear.

I’m about to head out now for the first two heats, hopefully the weather plays nice after last nights Sydney storms.

About Phil Yeomans
Phil grew up sailing on Pittwater (north of Sydney) racing in many classes over the years including Manly Juniors, Lasers, 5.5’s, 505’s, several trailer Yachts, E22’s, 1/2 and 1 Tonners, A10m, Sydney 38’s and more. Phil is well known for his knowledge of boats, having built several classes and has a freaky ability to recognise boats and designs. Phil is a National Race Official and Equipment Auditor (Yachting Australia).

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